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Value Accounting Pricing with Package and without Package

Value Accounting Singapore offers cheap accounting services that are well worth your investment. All, without compromising effectiveness, efficiency, and so forth. Simply put, you can never go wrong with our reputable services and reasonable pricing. Continue reading for details.

With Package

$888Annual Corporate Secretary / Preparation of Unaudited Financial Statements / Preparation & filing of Corporate Tax
$500Accounts $500 or $0 if you want to do it yourself, you can give us the figures as shown in Annex A

Annual Corporate Secretary

In general, the roles of corporate secretaries are complex and are defined by the entities where they work. There are a couple of general responsibilities that include keeping records, preparing board meetings, implementing the decisions of the board of directors, acting as advisers, and so forth. In addition to all these, they also provide training, orientation, education, and so much more.

With these in mind, it can be said that the role of corporate secretaries can, say, make or break a business. This is where professional cheap accounting services come in handy.

Preparation of Unaudited Financial Statements

In accounts preparation or compilation engagement, qualified experts with cheap accounting services and other similar backgrounds make sure that company statements are properly compiled and in such a way that data are not compromised. In the process, the practitioner obtains financial information as well as similar matters from clients, then rearrange them into a detailed set of financial statements.

Preparation & filing of Corporate Tax

In Singapore, the corporate income tax is 17%, which is one of the lowest across the globe. Also, it’s important to note that it’s obtained by calculating the company’s chargeable revenue. To add, the tax incentives as well as exemptions that are offered to investors as well as entrepreneurs are attractive for business. For these reasons, many opt to pursue their money-making efforts in the city-state. In line with this, when a particular entity gets its approval from the company, it may need specific services from cheap accounting service providers. Putting all these into consideration, to
meet tax obligations and so forth, it’s best to turn to tried and tested entities to address the said obligations, and other similar matters.

With Package ($500)

Accounts $500 or $0 if you want to do it yourself, you can give us the figures as shown in Annex A

No Package

$388Annual Corporate Secretary
$500Accounts $500 or $0 if you want to do it yourself, you can give us the figures as shown in Annex A
$350Preparation of Unaudited Financial Statements
$350Preparation & filing of Corporate Tax

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