Employment Pass & Family Pass

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Employment Pass is applicable to you if you are a professional, engaged in managerial, executive or specialist jobs, and with the intention to:

  • work in Singapore as an employee, OR
  • set-up a company in Singapore and work as a salaried Director.

It is the responsibility of the employers to apply for an Employment Pass on behalf of the job applicants.

Eligibility for Employment Pass

Only eligible candidates will be considered for an Employment Pass. Criteria include a minimum salary of $3,600 and acceptable qualifications.

Who is eligible:

The Employment Pass is for foreign professionals who:

  • Have a job offer in Singapore.
  • Work in a managerial, executive or specialised job.
  • Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,600 (more experienced candidates need higher salaries).
  • Have acceptable qualifications, usually a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialist skills.

Application for an Employment Pass is open to all nationalities.

Passes for family of Employment Pass holders

As an Employment Pass holder, you can get certain family members to join you in Singapore if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Who is eligible

To be eligible, you need to:

  • Earn at least $6,000 a month.
  • Hold an Employment Pass.
From 1 January 2018, work pass holders will need to meet a minimum salary criteria of $6,000 to enjoy dependant privileges. Please read the FAQs for more information.

These are the family members you can bring in and the type of pass they need:

Family member Pass type
Legally married spouse Dependant’s Pass
Unmarried children under 21, including those legally adopted Dependant’s Pass
Common-law spouse Long Term Visit Pass
Unmarried handicapped children above 21 Long Term Visit Pass
Unmarried step-children under 21 Long Term Visit Pass
(Only for EP holders earning at least $12,000)
Long Term Visit Pass

Documents Required

  1. A copy of the personal particulars page of applicant’s passport / travel document
  2. A passport-sized photograph of the applicant taken within the last 3 months
  3. A detailed resume / curriculum vitae
  4. A copy of highest educational (degrees or diplomas) / professional / specialist certificate

Important: Non-English documents or certificates are required to be translated into English and certified by the respective embassy.


  1. Online Application (7 days)/ Manual Application (5 weeks)
  2. Upon receipt of the In-principle Approval letter, valid for six months from the date of the letter, arrangements will be made for the collection of your EP.

Processing Time

In BudgetAccounts, we submit your application to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) electronically as the processing time is much shorter (between 1 and 7 days), if compared to manual submission, which is about 5 weeks. Subsequently, we will arrange for you to collect the pass upon the MOM’s approval.

Validity of Employment Pass

Upon successful of the application, the pass will be valid for 1 or 2 years.

Rejection and Appeal of Employment Pass Application

In the event that your application is rejected by the MOM, we will find out the reason of it being rejected, and appeal the application for you. The MOM will take at least 3 weeks to process an appeal depend on the complexity of the case.

Cancellation of Employment Pass

The Employment Pass must be cancelled in the following situation:

  1. Cessation / termination of employment
  2. Attainment of Singapore Permanent Residence
  3. Missing of the Employment Pass holder

Renewal of Employment Pass

The Employment Pass can be renewed within 6 months prior to its expiry. The MOM will post the renewal form to the employer 2 months before the pass expires, if the pass has not been renewed.

Singapore Employment Pass Application

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