Company Incorporation in Singapore

Registration of Company in Singapore

Globalization, with technology advancement, has fuelled the increase of cross-borders and overseas business and investments. Hence, there is an escalating rate of investors and companies setting up Overseas Branches, Subsidiaries and Representative Offices.

Company Registration in Singapore

For incorporation of company, Singapore has always been reputed as an ideal venue for Business Incorporation due to the following:

  1. Strategic location where the East meets the West.
  2. A colourful culture where racial harmony is promoted.
  3. The Singapore Government is adamant in withholding political stability
  4. The Pro-Business policy of assisting investments and entrepreneurship
  5. Favourable Tax Regime
  6. Liberal Immigration Policies
  7. Efficient and Transparent Legal and Corporate Governance

Value Accounting provides Registration of Company For All Singapore Residents, Foreign Individuals, Foreign Company and Offshore Company.

Any business entity that you require to suit your business needs can be formed promptly with our business setup package.  Talk to our consultants today for any of the following business entities:

  1. Private Limited Company (Pte. Ltd.)
  2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  3. Limited Partnership
  4. Sole Proprietorship
  5. Partnership
  6. Non-Profit Entity
  7. Offshore Company

Company registration in Singapore by foreigner business owners have skyrocketed and Value Accounting has the experience to serve their needs in this respect.  Value Accounting also serves a large portion of local businesses over their incorporation needs.

Located in the Central Business District of Singapore

We are conveniently located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore and you can call us anytime to arrange for an appointment at our office to discuss your needs and how we can serve you.  If you are a new business requiring a business address, our prestigious address can be arranged to be used for your business if required.

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