Our Fees - Compilation Report Fees

We have presented a detailed package below to cater to the various requirements for different companies’ financial positions, our main objective is to minimise the cost for the compilation report. We believe we are among the pioneer in this field to offer such transparent pricing and customised service.

Statutory Fincial Statements consists of:$350
(a) Statement of Financial Positionv
(b) Statement of Comprehensive Incomev
(c) Statement of Changes in Equityv
(d) Statement of Cash Flowsv
(e) Basic Notes to the Accountsv

Affordable Compilation Reporting Services

(1) Fixed Assets (Property, Plant & Equipment)$100
(2) Investment$100
(3) Investment Property$150
(4) Inventory (Stock)$100
(5) Foreign Currency Transactions$100 (decrease from 200 to 100)
(6) Borrowings / Hire Purchase$200
(7) Consolidation of Group Accounts$600

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