Strike Off Company Service

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Striking-off of a company simply means closing down a company.

Before a company can be struck off, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  1. The company must have ceased trading or dormant since the date of incorporation.
  2. The company must not have any outstanding tax liabilities with the Inland Revenue of Singapore (IRAS).
  3. The company must not be indebted to any other government agency.
  4. The company must not have any outstanding charges in the company’s register of charges.
  5. The company must not be involved in any court proceedings (within or outside Singapore).
  6. The director(s) must obtain the written consent from the majority of the shareholders.
  7. The company must not have any current or contingent assets and liabilities.
  8. The accounts must be drawn up till the date of cessation.

Striking off a company may take up to 6 months, engaging a professional firm like Value Accounting Singapore ensures that all regulatory and compliance requirements are met.

We will monitor the process for you until your company is de-registered.

Strike off Singapore Company Service

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